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psychic reading in los angeles

Licensed Psychic in California

Hours and days may very due to specific special events booked and or other occurrences or appearances and or commitments it is always strongly advised to call in advance to schedule an appointment. walk-ins are always
welcomed as well.

Phone Readings are available on our fees page trough paypal

Master Psychic

Nana, a master psychic, was born psychic and has been doing readings for more than 40 years. After discovering psychic abilities at a young age, Nana has continuously seen and communicated with spirits and Sprit Guides.

Although most often focusing on interpersonal relationships and matters of the heart, Nana is also able to see clearly into present and future issues involving your career, family, and financial matters. Nana provides you with details that help and guide you, removing obstacles from your life.

Additionally, Nana has the ability to see auras and the chakras, working with spirit guides in conjunction with tarot cards and other divination tools. This provides you with an informative and enjoyable psychic reading experience.

Contact our master psychic today at (310) 216-1900 to get answers to all of your questions about life.

Do you have questions about where you are going in life? Contact Nana for clairvoyant and intuitive gifts to guide you.

Nana does not sugarcoat your readings, telling you what you want to hear. The readings you receive include good and bad information so that you can make educated decisions about your life.

E-mail our clairvoyant master psychic in Los Angeles, California, to schedule an appointment for a reading that will help you achieve your goals.

Phone Readings are available on our fees page trough paypal.