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Hours and days may very due to specific special events booked and or other occurrences or appearances and or commitments it is always strongly advised to call in advance to schedule an appointment. walk-ins are always
welcomed as well.

Phone Readings are available on our fees page trough paypal

Guided Meditation

best psychicsWe all know that meditating is great for the body, mind and soul. We plan to do it, try it out, and sometimes end up with disappointing results. Nana has helped 1000's of people through Guided Meditation.

Meditating when you want to can be extremely difficult. You get distracted, thoughts keep passing through your head, and you can't stop mentally talking to yourself. This is very common among beginners who are just starting out. It might also be an occasional problem even for those who have more experience.

Something that might help you through that difficulty is guided meditation. This is meditating while listening to a voice (usually an audio recording) which helps to guide the process. It can give you wonderful results and leave you with a better sense of accomplishment than unaided meditation.

Contact our master psychic for Guided Meditation today at (310) 216-1900 to get answers to all of your questions about life.