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psychic reading los angeles

Licensed Psychic in California

Hours and days may very due to specific special events booked and or other occurrences or appearances and or commitments it is always strongly advised to call in advance to schedule an appointment. walk-ins are always
welcomed as well.

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Crystal Ball Reading

psychic reading los angelesThe Crystal Ball goes back hundred and hundreds of years. Crystals are also known to be a very powerful tool, especially in the healing process. The crystal ball that Nana uses goes back generations in her family

Nana uses the crystal ball to aid in finding lost objects since she can see actual places in her crystal ball. She sees addresses, houses, and can even see a person's image when someone wants to see who they are going to marry. She sees good influences, bad influences, initials and names, documents and even the writing and the print therein. The list goes on and depends on what you're seeking. Her crystal ball shows many more direct objects and helps her see the fine details that are missed in a Tarot Card Reading.

psychic reading los angelesNana feels quite comfortable and confident reading the crystal ball and likes to use her ball in unison with the tarot cards, runes and crystals. If something is mentioned in the cards, she can go to the crystal ball to see the actual detail or to see an exact picture.

Contact our master psychic for a Crystal Ball reading today at (310) 216-1900 to get answers to all of your questions about life.